This not to say that humans will not occupy space eventually.

But they have to do a few things first. One of which is to keep the Earth habitable throughout the first years of space exploration.

In fact, more than just habitable, we need a growing and expanding civilisation living on a healthy Earth.

It cannot be the case that space is a place for the few to escape to. Such a idea will rightly bring destruction down on that effort.

So how do we do that with physics and not politics?

With practical and subtle ideas that alter economic reasoning, and change the mind set of a new generation.


The Chronolith® Experiment

Humans need to get into space but they are going the wrong way about it, and Earth's biosphere may fail before space development matures enough to support humans.

The experiment uses ideas about consciousness and an interpretation of physics theory to change an individual's experience of the Cosmos.

To develop a social and political pressure group to change economic behaviour in favour of sustainable development as a foundation to a space economy.

To widen the discussion about what our future society can become.

The Experiment
To deliver a unique experience to individuals, within the public gaze, and to derive precious information about human continuity from it.