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The Chronolithâ„¢ Project 

Phase 1 - Registrations

Here you can register your entry into the next phase of the Chronolith Project, the Observatory. You will need:

  • The registration certificate you will find at the back of the book
  • The serial number of the book you have purchased or the receipt of purchase with its identification number and date.
  • Contact name and email address.
  • Digital documents will be sent to this address if you join the project.
First Name :

Last Name :

Book Serial Number :

Purchase Receipt Number :

Book Purchase date (dd/mm/yy):

Email address :
if your email address is not validated your registration will be deleted.

Postal Address :

Country :

Age :

Registration date :

(Optional) Number of Siblings :

(Optional) Your Random Keywords :
(The first two will be recorded)

Why siblings and why keywords?

One of the key elements to the project is the notion of an extended kinship of experience for individuals that reaches through time.  Since the project may stretch far into the future, the number of possible connections helps us understand the structure of your kinship connections over time. This is not about your geneology; it is about extended coincidence.