Shortly after Kubrick´s 2001 came Tarkovsky´s Solaris. Similarly, it posed the question both about what alien-ness means and what consciousness means

But there is a hidden message here, too, whether intended or not, about their being a relationship between consciousness and occupying space.

There are some thinkers who think so. Leary's message from the hallucinogenic era was certainly that.

It is beginning to look like he may have been right. Space travel is a genuine threshold. Crossing it is perhaps more about our minds than it is technology.

We are doing a lot of technological thinking.

Maybe we need to explore mind along other routes.


The Chronolith® Experiment

Humans need to get into space but they are going the wrong way about it, and Earth's biosphere may fail before space development matures enough to support humans.

The experiment uses ideas about consciousness and an interpretation of physics theory to change an individual's experience of the Cosmos.

To develop a social and political pressure group to change economic behaviour in favour of sustainable development as a foundation to a space economy.

To widen the discussion about what our future society can become.

The Experiment
To deliver a unique experience to individuals, within the public gaze, and to derive precious information about human continuity from it.